FEM’s vision and mission

The Free Expression Myanmar (FEM) team identified a huge gap in Myanmar - for a human rights organisation expert in freedom of expression and information, that can engage in legal reform, defend victims of violations, and promote the best international standards.

FEM's vision

FEM dreams of a Myanmar where the government is influenced, improved and accountable to the people most affected by its decisions.

All people would be free to seek ideas and information, receive them without hindrance, and express their own ideas and information without fear.

Greater accountability would result in less corruption and wrongdoing.

More inclusive and well-considered decision-making would result in more effective and efficient government and stronger development for all.

FEM's mission

FEM's mission is to defend the right to freedom of expression and information in Myanmar.

FEM's activities

FEM will achieve its mission using three main activities:

  1. Research issues and develop policy, based on international standards
  2. Campaign and conduct advocacy, including for individuals' cases
  3. Develop and implement workshops and trainings.

FEM approaches

FEM believes that capacity building + partnerships = power! In all its work, FEM:

  • Represents, works directly with, and includes beneficiaries, prioritising those discriminated against and excluded, particularly women
  • Works with a range of government and non-government partners, building influential networks and coalitions
  • Localises international standards - translating them into Myanmar context to make them more understandable and practical.