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News Media Law — သတင်းမီဒီယာ ဥပဒေ

The News Media Law was created partly to protect journalists in a country with no constitutional guarantee for media freedom and no government will to amend the many laws criminalising journalism. Unfortunately the law only partially protects media freedom and fails to guarantee journalists’ rights.

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Telecommunications Law — ဆက်သွယ်ရေးဥပဒေ

The Telecommunications Law was created to regulate previously blocked networks and services but keeps many undemocratic rules with a non-independent government regulator, allowing communications to be closely monitored and users to be criminalised for what they say online. The Telecommunications Law includes illegitimate criminal punishments

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Penal Code — ရာဇသတ်ကြီး

The Penal Code (aka Criminal Code) includes many articles on defamation, sedition, offense, religion and incitement that were created under a colonial government and are not suitable for a democracy. The articles are so vague and broad that they are easily used to suppress debate and