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Reform of the Telecommunications Law and 66(d)

The Telecommunications Law keeps many undemocratic rules allowing communications to be closely monitored and users to be criminalised for what they say online. FEM is campaigning to get it amended to make the regulator independent from the government and to remove all criminal punishments.Campaign updatesမကြာမှီလာမည်!Myanmar’s

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National security — အမျိုးသားလုံခြုံရေး

UN Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, Siracusa Principles, Principle B(iv) defines when a restriction can be said to serve national security: National security may be invoked to justify measures limiting certain rights only when they are taken to protect the existence

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False news — မှားယွင်းသောသတင်း

Reporting in a truthful and balanced way is an important professional goal for journalists. But freedom of expression not limited to merely truthful information. Journalists should not be compelled to publish only information whose truthfulness is ascertained. Limiting news output to only “true” or State-sanctioned