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“Hate speech” committee threatens more censorship

A new drafting committee for a “hate speech” “law” that includes much broader political “crimes” is another sign of the military’s intention to restrict freedom of expression in the long term. According to information received, on 21 May 2021 the military established a new drafting

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Hate speech Directive threatens free expression in election countdown — အမုန်းစကားဆိုင်ရာအမိန့်ညွှန်ကြားချက်သည် ရွေးကောက်ပွဲကာလသို့နီးကပ်နေချိန်တွင် လွတ်လပ်စွာထုတ်ဖော်ပြောဆိုရေးသားခွင့်ကို ခြိမ်းခြောက်လျက်ရှိသည်။

Following years of inaction, the Myanmar government has made its first public policy response to “hate speech”.[1]Presidential Directive 3/2020 includes several positive policy developments but conceals a significant threat to freedom of expression. FEM has written several reports on the government’s policy response to hate