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Facebook’s plan threatens to censor media and encourage disinformation ဖေ့စ်ဘွတ်ခ်လူမှုကွန်ယက်၏ အစီအစဥ်သည် သတင်းမီဒီယာများကို ဆင် ဆာဖြတ်တောက်ရန် ခြိမ်းခြောက်လျက်ရှိပြီး သတင်းတုများ ပြန့်ပွားခြင်း ကို တွန်းအားပေးလျက်ရှိ

45 media and media rights organisations urge Facebook not to implement its planned News Feed modification in Myanmar as it threatens to reduce people’s access to reliable news and lead to the spread of disinformation. In early 2021, Facebook began modifying its algorithms in specific

Digital coup anniversary event

To mark one year since the military banned Facebook in Myanmar, join us in a discussion on the “digital coup”. The event will hear from four speakers from different sectors each with an expert understanding of the topic: Khoe Reh – the Head of Myanmar

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Military’s cyber security bill worse than their previous draft

The military’s new draft Cyber Security Law repeats the repressive provisions of previous drafts and adds more, seriously threatening the safety and security of Myanmar’s digital space. The military has circulated a newly revised draft Cyber Security Law to a few stakeholders requesting any feedback