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Right to information

The right to information is included in the Sustainable Development Goals for each country to aim for to achieve development. The right to information includes a number of principles: Presumption of disclosure – the government must disclose everything except in very limited exceptions Proactive disclosure

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False news — မှားယွင်းသောသတင်း

Reporting in a truthful and balanced way is an important professional goal for journalists. But freedom of expression not limited to merely truthful information. Journalists should not be compelled to publish only information whose truthfulness is ascertained. Limiting news output to only “true” or State-sanctioned

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Defamation — အသရေဖျက်မှု

Defamation should contain four elements. In order to be defamatory, a statement must: be false; be of a factual nature; cause damage; and this damage must be to the reputation of the person concerned, which in turn means that the statement in question must have