New job: Human Rights Law Officer / Senior Officer

FEM is seeking to hire a Human Rights Law Officer / Senior Law Officer.

They will be responsible for implementing legal aspects of Free Expression Myanmar’s projects.


  • Reading FEM policies, reports, and other documents, and those reports of other relevant stakeholders, with the aim of developing personal legal expertise on FEM’s mandate.
  • Managing external law beneficiaries (lawyers, judges, UAGO) with the aim of creating and maintaining high quality substantive relationships.
  • Researching laws and their application in Myanmar with the aim of developing FEM expertise and leadership on the subject.
  • Contributing law expertise to internal and external reports, briefs, press releases, and social media on the project focus area, with the aim of informing beneficiaries of FEM’s findings
  • Contributing law expertise in workshops on the project focus area, including via meetings, roundtables, and advocacy interventions, with the aim of influencing participants’ knowledge, attitudes, and behavior
  • Advocating and campaigning on the project focus area with law beneficiaries, including lawyers, judges, with the aim of influencing their knowledge, attitudes, and behavior
  • Upkeeping, processing, and managing project finances, with the aim of ensuring accountability and transparency
  • Developing and conducting monitoring and evaluation tasks, with the aim of reporting to donors and other supporting stakeholders.


  • Proven commitment to all human rights principles in the UDHR.
  • Law degree (in any law field, including non-practicing, Myanmar or abroad) or significant experience working with lawyers and courts.
  • Demonstrable experience working with cases, lawyers, and/or courts in Myanmar.
  • Proven ability to question, rationalize, and analyse ideas/opinions (particularly from government etc.). Passion for reading is highly desirable.
  • Good understanding of human rights. Basic knowledge of freedom of expression, media freedom, and/or the right to information is highly desirable.
  • Proven ability to be flexible – E.g. shifting from basic paperwork, to attending roundtables, to phoning judges.
  • Proven ability to communicate with senior lawyers, judiciary, parliament, officials, embassies, media, the UN, and other CSOs. Personal networks with any of these are highly desirable.
  • Basic knowledge of digital tools including Excel/Sheets, Word/Docs, and email. Knowledge of Powerpoint, social media, encrypted messaging apps, and Photoshop is desirable.
  • Fluency in spoken and written (Unicode) Myanmar. Good understanding of English is desirable.

Deadline: 18 January 2020.

Download the full details and instructions on how to apply >>