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Indonesian shutdown ruling is lesson for Myanmar — အင်ဒိုနီးရှားအင်တာနက်ဖြတ်တောက်မှုအပေါ် စီရင်ချက်သည် မြန်မာအတွက် သင်ခန်းစာယူစရာဖြစ်သည်။

FEM welcomes today’s Indonesian court ruling which declared that the West Papua internet shutdown was unlawful. Myanmar should learn from Indonesia. The West Papuan shutdown shares many similarities to Myanmar’s internet shutdown in Rakhine and Chin States. Indonesia’s union government ordered the shutdown in 2019,

Report: Freedom of the Net: Myanmar in 2019 — အင်တာနက်ပေါ်တွင် လွတ်လပ်မှု မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ

Click here to download Freedom of the Net Myanmar 2019 (3mb) >> Key findings: Obstacles to Access Internet access continues to improve in Myanmar, as more users connect via smartphones with fast 4G service. The success of two foreign-owned mobile service providers has placed pressure

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Conference on media freedom and conflict

The media risks many threats when trying to report about conflicts. Many areas are completely off-limits. “Fake news” and “hate speech” are the result of a lack of trustworthy information. The Center for Myanmar Media Development and FEM hosted a day-long conference on 30 March

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False news — မှားယွင်းသောသတင်း

Reporting in a truthful and balanced way is an important professional goal for journalists.But freedom of expression not limited to merely truthful information.Journalists should not be compelled to publish only information whose truthfulness is ascertained.Limiting news output to only “true” or State-sanctioned news actually poses